We live in a projects era. Right projects bring right investments, right investments bring success. Especially, distinct projects takes you beyond age. PSO brings a new perspective to real estate business.

Instead of searching for customers for a pre-built project, PSO creates the project specifically to answer the needs of the customers. First, feasibility for the project is researched and in the light of findings of these reseraches, a concept is defined. The identity and the price of the real estate is determined by making a sale strategy. The biggest strength of PSO is managing the sale strategy correctly.

To do so, every single detail from customer contact points to sale office, from showing rooms to salesmen is planned in advance. Sale campaigns and alternative payment plans targeting the right groups are prepared. Our company functions as a part of the customer company as if one of its own deparments. PSO requires no payment until the project is ready for success. In summary, first we create, then develop and finally sale with great profit.